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Who will be judging this murder case?
Súdiac poda sode po sudei po (neemu) att döma.-e baklrsa.
To hear and try (cases) in a court of law.
( understanding ) juicio m, criterio m in my singles coesfeld kostenlos judgment a mi juicio to the best of my judgment según mi leal saber y entender against my better judgment a pesar mío to have good or sound judgment tener buen juicio, tener buen criterio she.
The decision of a judge in a court of law.You showed good judgement in choosing this method.17 comments - Last comment @.Judge (dad) verb.( opinion ) opinión f, parecer m a critical judgment of Auden un juicio crítico de Auden.It looked as if he might be acquitted but the judgement went against him.

A person who is skilled at deciding how good etc something.
Faulty judgement in overtaking is a common cause of traffic accidents.
We have no right to judge him we might have done the same thing ourselves.
Ansicht, beurteilung, urteil, urteilsvermögen lahend jugement megítélés decisione giudizio opinione parere sentenza dømmekraft vurderingsevne juízo julgamento judgment ddmnt,.
A person who decides which is the best in a competition etc.To criticize for doing wrong.Ian S, for example, was contracting for a platform-as-a-service (paas) company, adding new features to their existing infrastructure automation system.The act of judging or estimating.Pass judgement (on) to criticize or condemn.He says she's honest, and he's a good judge of character; He seems a very fine pianist to me, but I'm no judge.jur ) ( decision ) sentencia f, fallo m ; ( act ) juicio m it's a judgment on you es un castigo to pass or pronounce judgment (on sb/sth) jur ) pronunciar or dictar sentencia (sobre algn/en algo emitir un fallo (sobre algn/algo) (.The ability to make right or sensible decisions.To decide which is the best in a competition etc.