Js datepicker Beispiel

js datepicker Beispiel

IsSelected(stringDatemoment Returns a true or false indicating if the passed date is selected.
Simply add charset"UTF-8" to your script tag: script type"text/javascript" src".js".
Including jQuery Date UI with CSS script script /script In our example, when user focus on input field by clicking on it or using tab key, below jQuery code bewertungen Erwachsenen dating sites popups calender for choosing date, another field in our form allows user to select desired date.
Can be an Element or an element's string.
AttachTo: The element that the calendar div will be appended.GetSelectedRaw Returns the selected dates as an array of moment objects.0 Sunday, 1 Monday, etc.Attached to a field with the format specified via data tag.UseYearNav: Include the double-arrow year navigation.If set to true, name of the month will go after year.You can also setup Kalendae manually via JavaScript code.Default is "yyyy" dayNumberFormat: Format string for individual day numbers.Disable.datepicker(disable) temporarily disables all the functionality of the widget.

GetSelected Returns the selected dates as a formatted string.
IsRTL this option must be set to true, if you are using a language written from right-to-left.
If you leave the string empty, the calendar will be opened and closed without animation effects.
Output selected dates in a variety of formats.
With the shift key, up/left will move backward one month, down/right will move forward one month.Receives the date clicked as a moment object in the first parameter.CloseText this option is used in conjunction with showButtonPanel, if the latter is set to true.Ex: 2/3/2012 - 3/15/2012 closeOnSelection: Close the calendar popup when a date is selected.DayOutOfMonthClickable: Allow clicks on days that fall outside of the currently focused month.I18N The plugin supports i18n for the month and weekday names and the weekStart option.WeekStart integer 0 day of the week start.You can also use any effects in jQuery UI Effects of course, only if you additionally connect them.