Hoya single vision lenses

hoya single vision lenses

As every pixel on the lens surface has its own calculation value, each prescription can be uniquely cut into the lens.
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Our patented Integrated Double Surface design technology incorporates the lens design on both the front and back surface of each lens plate, to maximize viewing ranges and virtually eliminate distortions in peripheral vision.They are particularly suitable for correcting myopia (nearsightedness hyperopia (farsightedness) or astigmatism.Sharing thoughts, useful tips and facts for the eyeglass wearer.You can choose from: You can add anti-reflective treatments to your single vision lenses for the best wearing comfort.Driven by passion for innovation and development, Hoya Vision is constantly moving boundaries.As every pixel on the lens surface has its own calculation value, your prescription can be uniquely cut into the lens.Go to the blog, the Vision Care Blog for the Eyeglass Wearer.

Hoya Vision's single vision lens designs hilary swank dating gerard butler have been perfected with various recent innovations.
Hoya has perfected its single vision lens designs with countless innovations.
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Hoya Vision premium eyeglass lenses the umbrella and the core for our global presence.or visit your local site, americas, asia Pacific.But if you normally wear bifocals or progressives, you can also benefit from single vision lenses for specific activities.Traditional single-vision lenses have a constant curvature across the front surface, which makes peripheral vision almost impossible.The unique product range sets the eye care professional apart.These include watching television (distance vision) or reading and computer work (near vision).Significantly More Comfortable, allows for natural eye and head movement throughout your day.Clearest Peripheral Vision, the smoothest adaptations possible between all viewing ranges and angles.