Dating steinway piano

dating steinway piano

In most cases, we can identify Steinway instruments dating from 1853 tanzschule für singles augsburg to today.
On Steinway grand pianos the serial number can be found on the cast iron plate between the tuning pins above the keyboard.
In order to suggest a cost estimate for any necessary repairs, we carefully examine the condition of the instrument's technical components such as the strings, the soundboard, the mechanism, and the lacquer finish.
First One # ' 5" -1878 8' 6" 7 1/ ' 9" 7 1/ ' 10" 7 1/ ' 11 1/4" 7 1/3 1967- 8' 11 3/4" 7 1/3, model C, first One # 2,485, made In ' 1" 7 Octaves (Old Style 3) '.On Steinway upright pianos the serial number can be located on top of the wrestplank above the cast iron plate when you open the lid.This examination subsequently provides a basis to determine the approximate market value of the instrument.Who installed the Duo Art Mechanism Model XR Was 6' 2" (Model M plus 7 Model OR Was 6' 5" (Model O or L plus 6 1/2 Model AR Was 6' 11 1/2" (Model A III plus 7 Uprights First One # 5,451 Made.Step 1: Find the serial number of the Steinway piano.Manufacture, square Grand Pianos, serial numbers, dates OF manufacture.Made in 1888, grand Pianos, model, serial numbers, dates OF manufacture, actual size, number OF keys, model.To determine the age of a Steinway piano we need to first locate the serial number.Are you curious to learn more about the origin and age of your Steinway Sons piano or grand piano?Please Note: Serial numbers for some early production may span more than one year.

Step 2: Steinway Serial Number Look.
First One # 791, made In ' 3" 7 Octaves, old Style.
Used showroom, looking for a used piano?Piano ratings archives appraisals piano types bluebook value seliano Professional Legal Documents Certified Piano Appraisals Copyright 2013 Bluebook of Pianos - Copyright laws exist to protect our intellectual property.1051 297,678 1939 to 1941 Louis XV Sk 1056 297,660 1939 to 1941 Model 40 First One 297,092 Made in 1939 Sheraton Sk1057 297,092 1939 to 1946 Colonial Sk1052 297,094 1940 to 1941 Queen Ann Sk 1062 301,597 1940 to 1941 Chippendale Sk 1063 301,652.Our professional team is lead by Hartwig Kalb, who was worked as a piano builder for over 35 years at Steinway Sons. .To find the serial number of your Steinway piano, look for a number (most likely between four and six digits in length) located on the lower part of the piano's cast-iron plate by the tuning pins.We will gladly assist you to research our records, we simply need the serial number of the instrument.Due to limited capacity, we are not able to perform general repairs on instruments from other manufacturers.Steinway's model numbers are actually a part of the cast-iron plate, but each piano's unique serial number is stamped onto the plate.The Steinway service department in Hamburg can answer a wide range of questions about your instrument. .Steinway piano specifications serial number data.